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Puppies and Breeding Values
We breed infrequently, but please check our Puppies page for upcoming litters or notes about other litters we are aware of. 
Breeding Values
 Our desire is to produce Vizslas who epitomize the “dual” nature of the breed ~ healthy and attractive family companions who exhibit the strong hunting instincts and trainability that have been hallmarks of our family bloodlines for 45 years.


We have produced 8 litters of puppies over our 25 years in Vizslas.   Raising a litter of puppies is both challenging and deeply satisfying – the effects of sleep deprivation are counter-balanced by nose nibbles and puppy breath, and there is nothing like sights and sounds of a newborn litter snuggled in with their mama.


Our pups are raised on the first floor of our home, and from day one they are exposed to the sights and sounds of the household.  Once they progress from whelping box to puppy pen, we start their potty training.   Whistling the theme song to “The Andy Griffith Show” seems to motivate puppies to follow the "pied piper" down the hallway and out the sliding door to their potty area, where a handful of puppy food rewards their sprint.


Our first and foremost requirement for the placement of one of our puppies is that he goes into a loving home, welcomed as a cherished member of the family with loving leadership from the two-legged family members.   A Puppy Kindergarten or Beginning Obedience class is the best way to start establishing that leadership role.


Puppies leave us with the understanding that if the new owner is unable to keep the pup for any reason, we will be contacted to assist in the placement of the dog in a suitable home or to have the dog returned to us for assessment and placement.


Since Vizslas thrive when they are engaged both mentally and physically, activities that give the pup this stimulation are important.  Hunting will be the most satisfying physical activity for the dog, but there are many ways to enjoy your pup, including off-leash runs in safe areas, Agility, back-yard Frisbee, etc.


We enjoy it when people take their pups and become interested in AKC events such as field trials, hunting tests, conformation shows, Agility and Obedience, but it is not required.   Our deepest wish is that the new owner and puppy find something they love to do together ~ begin a journey of discovery of all the fun things there are to do with a Vizsla. 





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