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Paradox Brimstone Bill


Sire: Reilloc's Tyke, CDX
Dam: Behi Csecse Raketa, CD
April 12, 1982 - Oct 6, 1991



Moose was our first Vizsla and perhaps that once-in-a-lifetime dog.  Randy’s all-time favorite pheasant dog, he was our constant companion, from camping with us in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (and meeting up with a real-life moose) to swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.  Moose had an amazing understanding of human vocabulary and seemed to consider himself more of a four-legged person than a dog.


We spent many weekends trekking to field trials in our little Datsun 310 with Moose in the backseat and towing a Coleman caboose trailer behind us.   We must have been quite the sight rolling up at trials with our little rig, but we were having a blast and Moose was always fun to compete with.  He won and placed at many trials, although he had a habit of either performing brilliantly, or spectacularly going down in flames.  J  


Although he died needing just one retrieving point to finish his Field Champion title, he is a champion in every way that counts for us.  

Moose winning a gun dog major


 Adventures with Moose

OFA: Good



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