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THE VIZSLA, 2nd rev. edition
by Bernard C Boggs

Second Revision-2000 (ISBN Number 0-9700978-0-8). Books are available for immediate shipment. This revision has 360 pages and 179 photographs, of which most are new, with captions that help readers understand the dog better. The author has expanded coverage of the Vizsla breed in other countries, including a listing of Internet Web sites. This was already the best Vizsla book, now only better. It has everything a new owner needs to know to be effective in raising, training and competing with his dog.


This book has been sold to Vizsla owners worldwide and has been featured in a Spanish language electronic newsletter for dog enthusiasts in 20 countries.
PRICE $25.00


Previous editions of The Vizsla:

THE VIZSLA was first published in 1973 and was recognized as an Award Winning breed book in 1974 by the Dog Writers Association of America. This printing had no ISBN Number and is no longer available.
First Revision-1982 (ISBN Number 0-9608838-0-0), 279 pages. Out of print,  This version includes photos of many of the earlier US Vizslas that do not appear in the 2000 version.

Both earlier versions are occasionally available on ebay or amazon by third party sellers. 




Jack Sharkey

owner/handler/trainer of  
CH, FCH, AFCH, OTCH, MACH Legacy's DeChartay UDX, MH,

the AKC's First Quintuple Champion.


"Without question, the best book on the Vizsla breed on the market today. This book contains history, breed description, housing and medical care, training, competition events, super photos showing the Vizsla in all types of activities, listings of titled dogs, and more. A more complete book on the breed just does not exist. This is a must book for any individual contemplating buying a Vizsla as well as owners who just want to know more about their breed. It is my reference book!"


Meghan Tallman

daughter of Frank Tallman who imported
the first Vizsla into the United States.
 "Rarely does one relay history by word of mouth, have the paper work to back it up and be able to share it with an author who knocks himself out to "get it right". Boggs has once again outdone himself with his second edition of "The Vizsla". My sisters and I are sorry that our folks were unable to see this finished product. We are grateful for Boggs' honoring the sensitive material we had to glean through from both Frank and Jane Tallman and Emmet Scanlan Jr. I have never met Clif, yet I feel like he is an old family friend as are his daughters and wife. (We finally met November 2001 at the VCA National Events.)

My first edition was "eaten" by one of my Vizslas and so I went to the internet to buy one that belonged to someone else so that I would still have both editions. This definitely should accompany any pup leaving the breeder's home. Thank you Clif, for taking all this historical material and composing it in a way that is entertaining and factual. But, most of all - and I speak for all the Tallman family - thank you for loving our Vizslas enough to do it right!"



Elizabeth Molnar - Newark, Delaware, USA


"Through your books, I have learned about this wonderful breed. Your contribution to the breed has been an invaluable gift through many generations of Vizsla lovers. I am no exception. I'd like to think I've learned from the best! You're right up there."


Jack and Yvonne Barton in New Zealand 

"For the new Vizsla owner this book should become a constant companion. A life times work in one edition, a source of information for all Vizsla owners in whatever capacity the bundle of Russet Gold delight was purchased for. Bernard we salute you and thank you for your wisdom and knowledge that you have imparted to us.  A true tribute to our beautiful special breed, the Vizsla."




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