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About Us
Randy & Sue Boggs


Randy has shared most of his life with Vizslas, going back to the first Vizsla acquired by his parents,Clif & Hilda Boggs (Behi Vizslas) in the early 1960’s.  Sue was happy to “marry-into” Vizslas in 1980, and we have shared our lives with Vizslas since "Moose" came home with us on Memorial Day, 1982.


Moose was from Randy’s sister, Nancy Heinold DVM, Paradox VizslasWe had originally given little thought to AKC competitive events, but Moose’s enthusiasm for hunting kindled our interest in doing more.  Although our under-developed training skills led to many mistakes along the way, Moose accrued 9 of the 10 points needed for a Field Championship.  In the process, he became an outstanding pheasant dog, Randy’s favorite hunting partner, and our very best buddy.  Such is life with a Vizsla.


After 20 years of competing in AKC events, we have now taken a step back from competitive events, although Sue occasionally pops up at a dog show and Randy trains gun dogs. 
We breed on a limited basis, carrying into the 9th generation a blood line that traces directly back to the foundation bitch of Behi Vizslas,
DC Behi Csinos Csiny, CD, VCA Hall of Fame.


 Snow Ridge Vizslas was christened when we lived in the snow-belt region of Ohio which lies east of Cleveland – referred to in some history books as the Great Snow Ridge of Ohio.  Although we no longer live in that area, we have many wonderful memories of life with our dogs on Snow Ridge, and that name carries on. 



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